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In its new issue, the magazine 60 million consumers has screened a hundred household products to measure the impact on health and the environment. The magazine calls for the creation of a Ménag'Score to help the consumer in his choices.

60 million consumers warn about the dangerousness of certain household products
household products

Not easy to navigate the supermarket shelves of household products as the choice is great. To help consumers see things more clearly, the 60 million consumer magazine has, in its new issue of September, screened 108 references, which have been ranked from A to E in the Nutri-Score way for food products. . Note A means that the product does not contain any substance that is undesirable for health and the environment, whereas the grade E deplores the presence in significant quantities of irritating, allergenic and very harmful substances (endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, reprotoxic agents, toxic ...) and for the environment. 

Note that this is the magazine's own classification, based however on the current scientific knowledge of the main bodies (ANSES, IARC, etc.). It is at the same time the presence of substances judged undesirable by these instances and the quantity of these substances which determines the score.

First worrying finding: Of the 108 products tested, none scored A, and more than half were rated E! Secondly, it is not possible or sufficient to rely on a brand: if the Lidl toilet gel is the highest rated WC product category, the brand Lidl WS for washing floors is noted E, as the l is the Saint Marc Breton coast.

60 million consumers warn about the dangerousness of certain household products
household products

The consumer magazine does not recommend the use of multipurpose wipes, ungenerous, and regrets that the products of Monoprix, Leader Price and Carolin are all rated E.

Also note the liquid cleaners for the soil, of which no analyzed mark did not obtain better than the note D. There are also two E to deplore, for Carolin with Marseilles fresh Provence soap and for Vigor Force 5 all-in a. In general, the magazine advises consumers to be wary of "no-rub", "5-in-1", "maximum power" or other miracle claims, as this may indicate the presence of many harmful chemicals.

Among the ingredients pointed out by the magazine are the isothiazolinones , irritating and allergenic preservatives that have been removed from the composition of non-rinsed cosmetic products. However, " they can be avoided or limited by concentrating more products, as is the case for WC gels , " ensures 60 million consumers.

 Menag'Score's ingredients also include butylphenylmethyl- proprional or lilial, used as a fragrance and endocrine disruptor suspected. Some substances are also known to be carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic ,  or suspected.

Eager to help consumers choose their household products without poisoning slowly, the magazine has launched a petition for the mandatory implementation of Ménag'Score labeling. It already has more than 21,700 signatures.

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