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These are the habits that you should adjust so that weight loss is effective and healthy

The ultimate trick to lose weight and never recover

Quick weight loss is not a good idea ( in this article, we tell you the two products you should eat daily (according to experts) to lose weight effortlessly ). In addition to the known rebound effect, the body needs periods of adaptation for the changes to be effective. It is worthwhile to diet a few months and then recover old habits. The key, however obvious it may be, is to change the chip. And to do so, you only need planning .

If we talk about changing the chip, the first thing is to have a healthy relationship with food . You cannot take a diet as a punishment. This vision, defended by psychologists and nutritionists, is the basis of all healthy physical change .

From here, it is time to plan. Although it may seem an unimportant issue, it is essential to know what we should eat and why . For example, if the goal is to lose weight, we must reduce the intake of fats and hydrates, but never of nutrients. However, quality carbohydrates must be present in the diet because they provide a necessary source of fiber ( here we explain the difference and examples of good and bad carbohydrates ).

Sample healthy shopping list

Changing the chip has to lead to changes in the way we buy. Fruits and vegetables have to be the protagonists of the shopping cart ( in this link we reveal what is the fruit that everyone talks about to lose weight effortlessly ).

Another of the adjustments that must be made is to try to consume whole products ( here we tell you which is better: whole wheat bread, toast or mold ).

Run away from the "light", "zero" or "low calorie" labels. These types of products have a high content of sugars or sweeteners .

What should we buy then? Legumes, fruits and vegetables, olive oil, meat and fish, nuts ... Nothing ultra-processed ( check the 10 foods you eat daily ).

Risks of poor diet

If we lose nutrients necessary for the body to lose weight, this can lead to health problems, such as hair loss, weakness in the nails or dizziness .

To avoid these situations, the key is to put health ahead of weight loss and eat real and healthy  and healthy foods that provide the necessary nutrients and as little sugar as possible ( in this link we explain why sugar is a white trap )

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