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Low fat or low carb diet which the best?

Should we favor a diet low in fat or low in carbohydrates to lose weight? Low Fat or Low carbs? It's the same debate since always! This question raises many passions in the discussions! Science has looked at the question:

A study published by the AMA (American Medical Association) compared the 2 models.  The  "Dietfits" study assessed which diets, a low fat diet or a low carbohydrate diet were losing more weight.

Participants in both groups were followed for one year. They received nutritional advice by dietitians-nutritionists in the form of meetings (22 hours in 1 year), to improve their eating habits, mainly to reduce the intake of highly processed foods, added sugars, foods made of refined grains . They received advice and support to encourage the consumption of vegetables
and whole grain foods. The actions were oriented towards the quality of the diet rather than the restrictions or calculation of the number of calories ingested.

Are you wondering what happened after a year?

Draw ! No significant difference in weight loss between participants in both groups. Participants in the low fat or low carb group lost between 5.3 and 6 kilograms on average. (11.66 and 13.2 pounds)

What should we remember?

Changes in eating habits are the key to success for sustainable weight loss. We must bet on the quality of food, without necessarily restricting ourselves in quantity. One approach is not better than another. Participants from both low-fat and low-carb groups were treated to small group meetings of 17 participants 22 times during the year. The first 8 meetings took place every week and, later, they were spaced apart. During these meetings, the focus was on the importance of long-term nutrition and, depending on their group, their intake of fat or carbohydrates. The discussions focused on the contents of a balanced plate (health plate), the relationship with food, the context of the meals, the signs of hunger,

For sustainable weight loss, it's important to eat more whole foods, more vegetables, less added sugar, less processed foods and less refined grains. You have to learn to listen to your body and develop a healthy relationship with food. These elements are the key to success in diet and are more important than carbohydrate or fat intake!

You finally want to reach your goal towards weight loss and healthy eating habits? Get yourself accompanied by a professional team. Get tips to finally adopt a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle! Being motivated, supported and mentored helps to achieve sustainable lifestyle changes and maintain long-term weight loss.

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