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lose 8 kg in 8 weeks (Yes, it's real)
lose weight

Before I lost weight I spent quite a bit of time being annoyed at my weight, which makes it significantly easier for me to get started on weight loss. For me, it was crucial that the weight hit 100.0kg, which made me very motivated to get started.

Article here contains my own personal experience, and is neither up-spin nor full of fake before and after pictures. It is pure experience on how I lost 8 kg in 8 weeks. My journey is not over, I have a plan to lose 8 kg more, but I do not expect to do it as quickly as with the first 8 kg.

What am I doing, because it's not a traditional diet. Of course, I am super conscious of what I eat because it is absolutely fundamental to losing weight. In other words, you have to eat less than you burn.

Before I decided to change my diet, I went on a journey of lean cures, first something 5-2, which gave me some terrible day without quite a lot to eat, later a "low carb, high fat cure" which I knew probably the most part was eating a lot of protein.

Where I landed there, I count my calorie intake during the day, which makes it really easy to lose weight because it means that I constantly know that I've been getting fewer calories than I've burned. Where everything is so different from a random diet is that I've learned what my maintenance intake is, ie the number of calories I can eat during the day if I want to keep the weight. This means that when I no longer want to lose weight, I can change the diet a bit and then keep the weight.

This is where I really mean the "cure" I describe here stands out from all the other dieting because it actually teaches you to keep the weight off when you no longer want to lose weight.

Cheat meals
There must be room for "Cheat Meals" when trying to cut the calories, not only because it becomes too acidic to live that way, but also because in the long run, the body does not get used to calorie deficits and therefore adapts the new amount of energy supplied. In the process I have been given 1 cheat meal a week, in fact I can not only have a single meal, but from Friday after work and then to bedtime I have enjoyed Friday sweets and much else.

Learn how to count the calories
It is actually not that difficult to count the calories, at first you have to be very careful and weigh all your food, and then calculate how many calories you have been given. It is clear from all the edicts in world how much energy there is in the food, and it is therefore super easy to calculate it.

When you have been working for a while, you have learned to look at the size of the portions and can easily see if there is too much or too little.

One of the most important things for me has been protein bars, not because it is necessary, but because I have had it used a bit like candy late at night, and thus placed my sweet tooth. You can easily achieve the same thing with protein powder.

However, it is important to remember and add protein to the body, otherwise you will lose not only muscles but also fat.

Exercise boosts your burn

It is not necessary to exercise, but you can boost your burn and thus your calorie intake if you do. We recommend that you do cardio because it is most recognized when you want to lose me. There are different ways to do it. One of the most effective methods is the rom machine. In it you work with the whole body, and therefore it gives a good burn. If you are not into fitness centers, then there is also the possibility of having a roma machine at home. If you prefer the opportunity then see this guide .

Another effective way to grow Cardio is by setting a treadmill to a slope of between 10 and 12%, then increasing the speed to maximum walking speed, and then working for 10-12 minutes.

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