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The K-Pop diet promises healthy weight loss and a better skin appearance. So you can lose weight with Korean dishes.

k-pop, as the pop music from Korea is called, has also triggered a veritable hype in the last two years on the European market. Now follows a nutritional science from the East Asian country, which promises in addition to healthy weight loss , a brighter and better skin.

What is the K-Pop diet?

The nutrition concept is based on traditional Korean cuisine and focuses on unprocessed vegetables. The intake of sugar , fats and calories in general is minimized in this way. Also on the consumption of wheat and dairy products is omitted. A typical Korean dish is Bibimbap, which is a colorful bowl made of many things that are typically Korean: kimchi, fermented cabbage, carrots, fish, meat or seafood, and an egg and rice. The K-pop diet is a basic diet, which can be maintained long term.

This is method the K-pop diet works

  • There is no rigid guide, you can make your own diet daily and from different Bibimbaps, soups and other vegetable dishes together. The K-Pop Diet does not dictate any portion sizes - but try to gradually reduce the amount so that you get to the point where you really only eat as much as you need.
  • Make sure you do not use sugar as much as possible. Replace drinks with still water or tea, cakes, ice cream and other sweets with fresh fruit.
  • Also, you should delete unnecessary fats, these hide like about in sauces and especially oily food.
  • Regular exercise is also recommended. If you want to stay true to the concept, dances to K-pop choreography, as do the Koreans.

Conclusion: Does the K-Pop diet work?

This diet aims to eat as much vegetables as possible . Since it is very high in fiber, it saturates for a long time, without bringing your blood sugar level out of balance. In addition, sugary and fatty foods are reduced and a more conscious and healthy attitude is sought. The calorie intake is therefore minimized. Sport can be used to safely lose weight. However, it requires a certain amount of discipline, because you can order at the Italian or in the classic inn none of these dishes and increasingly cooking itself.

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