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How to start sport while leading a still life?

If a long time has passed since your last exercise, you must be patient and planned to return to the sport. In this article, we'll share with you many things to consider in order to do this.

Of course, you know that a still life is bad for your health. Even if you don't know how to fix this situation… In this article, if you have been living a still life for a long time or have never done sports before, we will give some answers to the question of how to start sports!

Change Your Still Lifestyle Today

Maybe the title might sound wrong. But the truth is that you  change your habits and leave your still lifestyle when you devote yourself to it. Just decide and do it!

The vast majority of people who are inactive leave it only a few days after starting physical activity . A lot of people don't go to the gym after the first month, even though they pay. Usually this happens when you don't find a sport you really like. When you find your favorite sport, you never want to quit.

The most common excuse is: “I'm too old! On the other hand, there are many sports for people of different ages and abilities. Try yoga, water gymnastics or take an afternoon walk.

The moment you leave your still life behind you will feel very good . Your self-esteem will noticeably increase, you will love what you see in the mirror, and you will feel as if you can f conquer the world ”.

Get Started Step by Step

You don't have to run the marathon as soon as it starts! Taking it slow, increasing the number of days you exercise and the duration of each workout is very important.
For example, you can start with two 20-minute trainings a week. Then try three 30-minute exercises a week. In this way you will get the recommended one-hour training sessions three times a week.
You don't want to go to the gym because you're afraid or you don't have enough money? You can do sports at home ! Open videos from your smartphone or TV and follow a training program that suits your needs. You can also go for a walk - you can find some stairs to climb - and this will cost you zero pounds.

Always choose an activity you like. If for some reason you feel like you will not want to do sports, do not force yourself. This does not mean to leave, just to indulge yourself a little means. You deserve this for your daily effort to leave your still lifestyle behind.

Advice to Say Goodbye to Your Still Life

The most common mistake of people who want a more active lifestyle and ask how to get started is to train for hours at a time . To avoid this, it is very important to take it slowly and be cautious . Adhere to these recommendations:

1. You are no longer the former

A few years ago, you practiced for an hour and you were not tired. You would ride 30 km and feel as fresh as a flower or carpet every weekend. But these days are behind. Don't worry, but be aware of your current capacity and act accordingly.

2. Take Your Time

Many people want to make up for their time without doing sports. This can lead to injuries, fatigue and discontinuation of the sport within a few weeks. Keep in mind that doing sports results in the medium or long term . Haste makes waste.

3. Don't Feel You Have to

If your reason for going to the gym or doing sports is the advice of your doctor or your partner telling you this, it will not work. Of course you can get some results. But if you do the exercise as a necessity, you will not enjoy it. Besides, it wouldn't be right to look at the exercise.

You don't have to be a professional athlete to leave your still lifestyle behind you . What matters is motivation. Walk for a while in the park instead of some of the time you'll be sitting on the sofa, get up from your office desk for a while, use the ladder instead of the elevator. Minor changes take you to results!

Find a sport that you enjoy not looking for excuses to escape the moment you find the opportunity.

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