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How to lose 6.6 pounds in just 3 days, with the cucumber diet

If you need to lose a couple of kilos quickly for an important event, or you need to get in shape to go out to the beach and wear a flat stomach, this plan based on consuming many cucumbers could help you lose three kilos in just three days.

This diet can offer you immediate results, since you could lose a kilo per day. In addition, it will not affect your health, if you put it into practice only on the days indicated, unlike other eating plans, such as the controversial Keto diet.

And it is that fad diets, such as the Keto diet, can have side effects on the health of those who try them without the proper advice of an expert. That specific diet can cause heart problems and increase the risk of cancer.

On the contrary, the cucumber plan could detoxify your body and prepare it for other diets that are less restrictive. But the important thing is to continue with a healthy diet, so that you don't suffer the dreaded "rebound".

What is this diet about?

As we said, the star of this emergency diet is raw cucumber, which you can eat freely, since it is a food that does not make you fat . You can use this meal plan when you are stuck or your diet does not work, for an accelerated weight loss in a short time.

In addition to cucumber, this diet includes other ingredients such as fruits, light jelly and plain yogurt, so it may seem very restrictive. But its purpose is to reduce the inflammation of the intestinal tract, thanks to the soluble fibers and the water that this food contains, according to the Excelsior newspaper .

In addition, it also helps the fact that it restricts the consumption of foods that affect the proper functioning of the organism, such as those that are very processed, which can shorten the life expectancy of people because of their unhealthy ingredients .

Eliminating this type of food helps the body to get rid of toxins, and that organs, such as the kidneys, work much more efficiently.

When accumulated, these toxins activate a defense mechanism in which the body begins to increase fat stores, therefore, this benefits the fat accumulates in the abdomen, arms, hips and thighs.

This diet aims to avoid that and, in addition, aims to accelerate the burning of fat and reduce fluid retention quickly.

What does it consist of?

The plan can be divided into five meals, every three or four hours, so that you are not very hungry and avoid feeling too anxious.

Breakfast: you should have a cup of unsweetened green tea, a plate of chopped cucumber without peel and a portion of fruit, which can be orange, apple or pear. In addition, you should drink a glass of water with lemon without sugar, it could be warm to accelerate the elimination of fat.

Snack 1: here you can eat a portion of plain yogurt without fat.

- Food: a bowl of low-fat vegetable soup, a bowl of cucumber and lettuce salad, and a serving of fruit.

Snack 2: here you can include a light jelly and a piece of boiled egg.

- Dinner: you can include another plate of salad, a portion of roasted chicken or fish and a cup of unsweetened green tea.

On top of that, you should not forget to hydrate well throughout the day, drinking at least two liters of natural water.

But, you must take precautions

You should not forget that this is an emergency diet, so you should not do it more than three days, since you can run the risk of suffering a nutritional deficiency, in addition to other health problems, as with some famous diets that could be dangerous .

You should also remember that, if you do not have healthy eating habits, their effects will not be lasting. Nor should you adopt this plan if you are allergic to anti-inflammatories, since cucumber has those properties naturally, according to Excelsior.

Keep in mind that every time you set out to implement a new eating plan, it is best to consult an expert, as he can advise you to eat a balanced diet, according to your health conditions.

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