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6 Tips To Lose Weight Without Sport

Burn calories without doing sports? It's entirely possible !

Playing sports is good for your health ... But what to do when you have a horror of any physical exercise? Is it really necessary to play sports to lose some extra pounds? Is not it realistic to want to lose weight without sport?

Certainly, playing sports helps to burn fat, but it is not essential to lose weight. Lose weight without sport is possible. It's all about knowing how to do it.

Want to know how to lose weight without sport? This article is for you!

Here is an overview of what you will learn:
1- 11 surprising tips to lose weight without sport
2- 1 simple trick that can increase your metabolism by 14%
3- Why alcohol sabotages your weight loss efforts
4- The link between lack of sleep and overweight
5- How to naturally increase your growth hormone levels (fat burning) up to 1,300% (for women) and 2,000% (for men)
6- A free diet menu to lose weight without sports quickly
7- And much more…

Tip # 1: Flee sodas (sweet and light) and fruit juices

You probably do not think about it when you swallow your can of coca, but in the long run, the daily consumption of sodas (including soft drinks) and fruit juice has disastrous consequences for your health and your weight.

If you want, I'll start with fruit juice, much worse for health than we often think.

I only recommend fresh juices that preserve the fibers of fruits and vegetables.
The fibers slow down the passage of sugars in the blood and ensure a more stable glucose.
The big danger of sugary drinks such as soft drinks and fruit juices is that they are rich in added sugars and very caloric. Their consumption therefore increases the risk of obesity.

"A half-liter bottle of Coca Cola, one of the world's most popular soda brands, contains no less than 53 g of sugar - enough to ingest a whole lot of useless sugars in no time."
The American Heart Association (AHA) and the World Health Organization (WHO)recommend that you do not absorb more than 10% of your daily calorie intake in the form of sugar.
A 2016 study concludes that the health of hundreds of thousands of people could be improved if beverage manufacturers reduce by 40% the amount of sugar added in popular sweet drinks ( source ).
Over a 20-year period, a 40% reduction in added sugar in sodas could prevent 1 million new cases of overweight and 300,000 of type 2 diabetes .
A Harvard University study shows that sugary drinks increase the risk of coronary heart disease (or coronary artery disease) significantly. The researchers found that participants who consumed the most sodas were 20% more likely to have heart attacks ( source ).
You could think of solving the problem by switching to light and zero sodas. After all, they do not contain sugars and are without calories! Bad idea.
It turns out that people who daily drink sugar-free beverages, such as Coke Light or Coke Zero, are at increased risk for stroke and heart attack.
One study found that these people have a 43% higher risk of heart disease than people who do not drink sodas ( source ). Another study concluded that drinking a light soda drink a day increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by 67% ( source ). 

Better to drink water, coffee or green tea if you care about your health. Your health will improve dramatically if you replace sugary drinks with these healthy drinks.
One of the easiest ways to lose weight fast is to remove sodas (including sodas light) and fruit juices from your diet ( source , source ).
Eliminate sodas from your life and you'll lose weight without sport.

Tip # 2: Reduce your carbohydrate intake (refined)

Some people are more sensitive to carbohydrates than others.
Reducing your carbohydrate intake for a week or two can work wonders on the scale.
Products rich in carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice, fruits, vegetables and milk cause water retention.
Carbohydrates are stored as a source of energy in the muscles and the liver in the form of glycogen. Each gram of glycogen retaining 3 g of water, follow a low carb diet will allow you to lose a few pounds of liquid very quickly.
This is often seen the first week of a diet that drastically limits carbohydrate intake. It is not yet a question of fat loss, but of a loss of water stored in the muscles and the liver.
To make sure you have a low carbohydrate diet, it's important to stick to a daily food menu. To lose weight without sport, it is important not to exceed 50 g of carbohydrates per day.

Tip # 3: Skip a meal regularly (preferably breakfast)

Tip # 3 is only effective if you do it right.
Indeed, I do not recommend skipping meals every day over an extended period.
This would lead to too much calorie deficit, like draconian diets.
What I recommend is to skip breakfast 2-3 times a week for a short period of time (for example, 4 weeks). You eat then only after 12:00.

In theory, it must be able to lose at least 1 kg without doing sports in just two weeks. This is a form of fasting, which I discuss in more detail later in this article.
By the way, you do not have to worry that your body goes into starvation mode if you skip a meal from time to time. Metabolism only slows when you eat nothing for more than 72 hours (3 days) source ).
When you start eating normally after such a fasting period, calories are stored more quickly as fat. You'll understand: it's not a good idea.

Tip 4: Drink more water, tea and coffee

A good water balance is very important for health.
Drinking enough water helps keep the skin and digestive tract healthy ( source ).
Drinking more water also helps to lose weight. Water fills the stomach and reduces appetite. This is why it is advisable to drink two glasses of water before each meal. This will lead you to eat less ( source ).
A small study shows that people who drink two glasses of water before meals consume about 600 fewer calories on the day than those who do not drink water before meals ( source ).
Researchers believe that drinking about 500 ml of water is enough to stretch the stomach so that a satiety signal is sent to the brain ( source ).
However, the water is evacuated quite quickly from the stomach when you have an empty stomach. For this tip to be effective, it is better to drink as much water as possible before or during meals.

In addition, not drinking enough can lead to hunger faster. Sometimes thirst is confused with hunger.

If you are often hungry, it may be helpful to drink two glasses of water to see if it is not just thirsty. Eating a lot of water-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables will also help you maintain a good water balance.

Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea provide many benefits, including helping to regulate appetite.

Research shows that coffee increases the release of peptide YY (PYY-36). Produced in the gut in response to food consumption, this hormone gives a feeling of satiety ( source ).
Curiously, decaffeinated coffee seems more effective in reducing appetite, lasting up to three hours after meals ( source ). Decaffeinated coffee is coffee that has been removed from 97% of caffeine.
The consumption of green tea and black can also be an effective help to lose weight without sport.
Green tea contains a lot of catechins , a natural antioxidant that is thought to increase metabolism and stimulate the fat burning process ( source ).
Tea also helps the body's cells to protect themselves from damage and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease ( source , source ). That's enough reason to have a good cup of tea every day.

Tip 5: Practice the intermittent youth once a week

Intermittent fasting, or fasting , is a dietary pattern consisting of periods of fasting and feeding windows.

There are several methods of fasting that divide the day or the week into fasting and feeding periods,

When you think about it, intermittent fasting is not very strange. Everyone fasting naturally, especially during sleep. The human body is prepared not to eat for long periods.

Intermittent fasting is to extend these periods of fasting slightly. For example, you can skip breakfast and eat your first meal only in the afternoon.
Several studies have shown that intermittent fasting helps to lose weight and improves metabolic health. Intermittent fasting can lead to an increase in metabolism of up to 14% ( source , source ). In addition, insulin levels drop drastically during fasting. Insulin levels that are too high make weight loss almost impossible ( source ).
A study has shown that fasting increases the lifespan of rats. The mean lifespan of fasted rats was 83% higher than in the control group.

Researchers believe that this also applies to humans. The foods we eat every day alter DNA and contribute to aging. Smoking, alcohol consumption and unhealthy diets only add to the problem. By fasting occasionally, you limit the alteration of DNA in your body.
In addition, fasting causes a dramatic increase in human growth hormone levels, up to 1300% in women and 2000% in men ( source ).

Human growth hormone is particularly involved in the development of muscle mass and promotes the burning of fat. Intermittent fasting is therefore an effective way to reduce your caloric intake and burn fat ( source , source ).

If you want to lose weight without sport, periodic fasting is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Tip # 6: Stop the alcohol

Lose weight without sport is not all alone: ​​there are things to do and others not to do.

Do you usually drink a few glasses of alcohol on weekends? In this case, it may be wise to stop the alcohol for a moment.

The key to weight loss is to spend more calories than you consume.

Drinking less alcohol will help lower your caloric intake. Stopping (temporarily) alcohol also means better sleep, beneficial to your health.

You do not need to stop the alcohol immediately for the rest of your life. Observe what effect a single month without drinking has on your weight. Chances are your scale will tell you a lower number at the end of the month.

Alcohol makes you fat for several reasons:
1- Beer, wine and sweetened alcoholic beverages are very high in calories.
2- Alcohol is the most energy-rich food substance after fat. One gram of alcohol brings 7 calories, which is a lot.
3- Alcohol stimulates appetite for unhealthy foods (think of late-night fat-covered breakers)

Excessive alcohol consumption is related to weight gain ( source ). We also note that regular consumption of beer can lead to weight gain ( source , source ).

If you are overweight and drink excessively (for women, more than 7 drinks a week, and for men, more than 14 drinks), consider stopping alcohol temporarily to see how your body reacts.

Need help getting there? In this case, call your doctor or an adictology center near you.


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