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6 things that runners should know

Training with running partner, the right bra and outdoors: You plan to lace up the running shoes regularly from now on? Then this information is worth gold for you!

You do not have to think much about jogging - some do it every day without any sporting intent: on the way to the subway or the pedestrian light before the red phase starts.

Anyone who considers running as a workout should know these six tips before starting!

Running - how to know! 

You want to start jogging and are super motivated? Then you should know these things to reach your goals faster and stay on the ball. 

1. It gets easier!

You have the first run behind you and are completely flat? Do not give up now! Start with regular, short runs. This is how your cardiovascular system gets used to the new strain faster. You will notice a significant improvement of your condition after a short time - promised!

2. Invest in a high-quality sports

As a woman, when running you need a good sports bra that supports the tissue and helps you put your energy in place. Get expert advice and invest in a good sports bra with the appropriate technology. You will be grateful to yourself.

3. Do not spare on running shoes

Wear while jogging an outfit in which you feel really comfortable. Do not spare on your running shoes. Our tip: Go to a specialist shop that offers professional running analysis.

Video footage analyzes your running style to find the perfect shoe for your anatomy and your individual running style.

4. Record your progress

Use a running app or fitness tracker to record your achievements. Nothing is more motivating than seeing your own progress documented. 

The GPS supported Tracker also help you to get a sense of distance, speed and calories burned.

5. Exercise outdoors

Train as often as you can outdoors. The uneven ground, inclines, wind resistance and weather conditions are not to be underestimated influences on your training. The jogging on the treadmill takes place in contrast, under standardized and therefore unrealistic conditions.

6. Find a running partner

Join a running group or meet up regularly with friends to run. You will notice that time flies when you are first engrossed in an animated conversation.

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